Bear grease

Nathan at Petrie’s found out we were spending the long weekend in Grand Marais MN (not trying out my new bike camping gear due to rainy cold forecasts) so he lent us his Salsa Beargrease and the shop’s demo Salsa Mukluk for a tear through the Minnesota shoreline and forests. I rode the Mukluk on my snow fat bike adventure so this time I took the Beargrease. Carbon, trail bike, huge tires, great SRAM components, coming in at 26 lbs (though Nate met a guy that got his down to 20) and the most fun I’ve ever had on a mountain bike. 


Beargrease in the wild

I have exactly zero experience trail riding. The few times I’ve done it to reach a campsite or two on trails one step under a fire road, my death grip on the bars gave me hand cramps. The fat tires completely negate this stress. On the trails, which included grass, mud, gravel, and a newly cut snowshoe trail on forest floor including Canadian (American?) Shield, I felt confident and secure and even skilled. I know that I am not skilled, so it was all the Beargrease. 

Fat biking gives you the feeling of being a kid again. Proportionally, this may be completely accurate. A fat bike is definitely what I am saving for, for winter snow riding, winter commuting, and as my mountain bike. I’m eying up the Surly Ice Cream Truck and would love to take it for a spin, but if Nathan ever decides to part with his Beargrease, I may have to consider it.  

The Big Lake made for a chilly weekend!


Pincushion Mountain with awesome overlooks



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